The Handout for the Killer Story workshop at LTUE

I was expecting 30 people to attend the 3 Things You Must Learn to Write Killer Stories workshop. I mean, heck, who wants to listen to me when you could, on the very day designated for it, be pitching woo? But  about 60 brave souls came out. So here’s the handout for all of you who didn’t get one.

Killer Story Workshop Notes

Had a wonderful time at LTUE. I simply love Utah Valley–it’s full of so very many good memories for me. And this will simply add to that.

Capture the zing!

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4 Responses to The Handout for the Killer Story workshop at LTUE

  1. Mark Smiley says:

    John, Thanks for the great workshop at LTUE this year. I attended last year and caught your class, got the handout and was anxious to visit your website..but it was not on the handout. I see that this year you corrected that. Unfortunately, I was one of those who gave up his handout for the benefit of others. But you were kind enough to mention your site a couple of times. I appreciate the time energy and excitement that you put into your class. Hopefully it will help me get up of my rear and do more! Thanks again.

  2. John Brown says:

    Mark, I’m so happy you found it useful. Good luck with your writing. I’ll be posting writing lessons on a semi-regular basis to the site. I should have a good collection of stuff to help the new writer by the next LTUE.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Attending your class made the drive down for the day worth it. I love practical and just enough structure to be fluid. You did it. You also had the audience connection thing going on. Sometimes people know how to write but are not so good at helping others or making them feel like they could try. I brought four of my novella class high school students and your class was also a fave with them. They were very clear about who had the big head and who wanted to help! P.S. You’re the latter.

  4. John Brown says:

    That’s wonderful to hear, Kathleen. I hope you guys write a million (words, that is). Thanks for posting.