Woof Woof Yip! (that’s doggie fanfare)

Servant of a Dark God in Paperback, Tuesday, November 2!
For those of you who have been waiting for the cheaper version — Be happy, pre-order the book today! Alternatively, you may vote in the national elections then immediately reward yourself for being such a responsible citizen! Or make someone else happy for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or some pagan solstice ritual with 624 AWARD-WINNING pages of thrilling ACTION, cool MONSTERS, wicked MAGIC, and a Ginzu KNIFE! (okay, so there’s no knife, but the book does feature the most awesome weapons ever; I’m talking about the three living silver spikes called Hag’s Teeth). Whoever gets this book will love you forever*. Book info in the Fiction part of my site.


*tested on a statistically valid sample of gerbils, hamsters, and various other intelligent rodents who all cheered with wild delight at the reading and then asked for more peanuts and crackers

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2 Responses to Woof Woof Yip! (that’s doggie fanfare)

  1. bdayton says:

    I realized just now I don’t actually have a retail copy of this book anymore, only the ARC. I’ll have to support my local book store and pick one of these up. By the way, I started a western novel with fantasy elements in it today. There just happens to be a rancher who loves pie (one of your story ideas from LTUE)! Thanks, John!

    Any news on a potential release date for book 2, or are you still trudging through the mosquito infested swamps of editing?

  2. John Brown says:

    I LOVE that idea of a ranchehr whho loves pies. Good luck with that novel!!